Deluxe Blue Reissue of ‘Tape Echo: Gold Floppies’ by Torb the Roach & Floppy McSpace

Deluxe Blue Reissue of ‘Tape Echo: Gold Floppies’ by Torb the Roach & Floppy McSpace

During my last London trip (in January of this year; ancient times when ‘traveling’ was still a thing), I talked to beatmaker Bobby Obsy about his Robo Boy release. More specifically: other projects taking inspiration from comic books and video games to make a character come to life. Norwegian producer Torb the Roach was one of the references that came to mind.

Torb The Roach’s latest album, Square Wave Adventures, is an awesome example: a vinyl record accompanied by an 8-bit video game, limited cassette, and character pin. Two years before that, the enigmatic Floppy McSpace embarked on another adventure. The result was Tape Echo: Gold Floppies, which is now reissued in deluxe blue vinyl via KingUnderground.

Tape Echo: Gold Floppies is inspired by Japanese superhero Ultraman and Norwegian nature. Torb used the SP-1200 and S950 power couple as well as dubs and effects from his Roland 201 Space Echo to craft the beats, using rare groove records from India, Thailand, China & Japan.

The album came with a 15-minute feature in a faux video show called Behind The Fonk (watch below), which revealed the story behind the record. A process involving ski accidents, black coffee magic, and a violent battle when someone tries to steal Floppy McSpace’s gold floppies. Don’t ever mess with a beatmaker’s floppies. And especially don’t ever mess with Floppy.

Blue Reissue:
Tape Echo: Gold Floppies

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