DJ Format & Abdominal are still hungry

DJ Format & Abdominal are still hungry

DJ Format and Abdominal go together like Mac & Cheese. Three collaborations on Music For The Mature B-Boy made that evident back in 2003, and ain’t a damn thing changed.

As per usual, on their newest LP Still Hungry the duo takes it back to golden era hip hop aesthetics. Funk-driven productions cooked up with surprising samples and rushy breaks by DJ Format, assisting the characteristic delivery of Canadian emcee Abdominal.

This is Music For The—by now—Veteran B-Boy. As well as for the younger heads who have some catching up to do on an era they’ve missed out on. Nah, scratch that, it’s for everyone digging authentic hip hop with a huge dose of funk.

And if this 11-course meal leaves you hungry for more, check out the Find The Format guest mix by DJ Format.

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