Refined trip hop on “Out Of Time” by Hugo Kant

When it comes to producing trip hop, repetitiveness can be a pitfall. But not for French musician/producer Hugo Kant; he steps over that pitfall with a giant leap. Since 2011 he keeps amazing us with the way he crafts his productions.

With the use of Indian samples and a much moodier and darker approach, Hugo has created once again something completely else for his new full-length release compared to its predecessor, 2014’s The Point Of No Return. With its diversity, there’s not a second Out Of Time felt repetitive to us.

Favorite tracks: “The Earth Dance,” with a beautiful divine sample of Hindi megahit “Pardesi Pardesi,” which you might recognize from Emancipator’s “The Way“. And the album’s title track, which with its eerie string section somewhat sounds reminiscent of the score of Requiem For A Dream.

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