Sampling 101 by GUTS: ATCQ’s Find A Way vs. Technova

The latest edition of what we’ve been missing: Find A Way Vs. Technova by Parisian DJ/producer/legend-in-the-making GUTS. On the track he provides the listener with some sample schooling by combining “Find A Way” of A Tribe Called Quest with the original sample used by Dilla back in 1997,Technova” by Japanese artist Towa Tei.

This track takes you on a sampling trip down memory lane… Even more so because seven years before Dilla used the Technova sample, Q-Tip appeared on the classic song Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite, a group Towa Tei was a member of. Talking about throwbacks…

In related news: new music by GUTS is on its way too, as his new EP Stop The Violence is set to be released June 23rd on vinyl, CD and digital formats.


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