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Sampling 101 by GUTS: ATCQ’s Find A Way vs. Technova

The latest edition of what we’ve been missing: Find A Way Vs. Technova by Parisian DJ/producer/legend-in-the-making GUTS. On the track he provides the listener with some sample schooling by combining “Find A Way” of A Tribe Called Quest with the original sample used by Dilla back…
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J Dilla – Motor City J-Rocc Blend #1

Out with the old and in with the new shit. As announced yesterday, 19 newly unearthed Dilla beats will see daylight on April 21st, curated by Dilla’s mother Maureen Yancey (better known as Ma Dukes). Motor City comes in a mailing envelope,…
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Video: J Dilla – Donuts (Unofficial Album Video)

This is pretty epic: a 44-minute fan-made video for J Dilla‘s magnum opus Donuts, created by Youtube-user Houston Loves Dilla using cut and pasted footage. It’s an interesting audio visual experience for those who love Donuts – a.k.a. everyone. A good warm-up for next…
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Listen: Millennium Jazz – Ruff Graft

These days I approach anything that references the late J Dilla with caution. Don’t get me wrong, the albums he worked on and also his instrumental works provided the soundtrack for the early part of many of our lives. It’s…
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Free MP3: Phife Dawg – Dear Dilla

It can be tiring to dig through countless subpar J Dilla tributes, but this new track by Tribe’s Phife Dawg is a stand-out – big time! “Dear Dilla” is an inspiring open letter styled track full of nostalgia. Kick back…
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Video: BINK – J Dilla Live Mixtape

Dutch producer and percussionist BINK is back at it again with a new organic session as part of his fantastic Beats Unraveled series. This time it’s a tribute to the man, the legend, J Dilla. Just one reinterpretation wouldn’t do his catalog justice, so…