Boora & BeatPete – Daydream (All-Vinyl Mix)

Boora & BeatPete – Daydream (All-Vinyl Mix)

A collaborative vinyl-only Beats and Jazz/Fusion mix by Boora (Russia) and BeatPete (Germany) is a daydream by itself. But after they’ve talked and thought a lot of doing a mix together, today it’s here: Daydream.

Listen to the 1-hour mix below. Featuring tracks of Pete Rock, KanKick, Kev Brown, J Dilla, Lord Finesse, Lewis Parker, Minoru Muraoka, Fatjack, DJ Drinks, Julius Brockington, Midnight Eez, Clutchy Hopkins, Cortex, Wodoo Wolcan & more.

A Two-hour Trip Through Brazil by Wun Two & BeatPete
(Mix + Download)


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