Diggin’ The Crates S01E05: Egon (Now-Again)

Diggin’ The Crates S01E05: Egon (Now-Again)

For this episode, we return to 2016 when I met Egon, one of the most influential people within J Dilla and Madlib‘s careers alongside the ascension of Stones Throw and the development of Now-Again Records and the J Dilla Foundation. Talking about music, passion, perseverance, and creativity in broader forms, this is a rare and reflective interview with an unsung hero of hip hop.

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Music played in Diggin’ The Crates Season 1 (chronological order):

Music featured in this episode:

Vice beats – Reflection
J Dilla – Life (Instrumental)
J Dilla – The Ex f. Bilal
J Dilla – Make ‘Em NV (Instrumental)
J Dilla – Flowers (Instrumental)
Thijsenterprise – Another Digital Handshake
Ray Alexander Technique – My Special One (Alternate Take)
J Dilla – Lightworks
J Dilla – The $ (Instrumental)
Madlib – Fallin’ (Instrumental)
Freddie Gibbs – Cocaine Parties In L.A.
P.R.Q. – Tell Me
Nujabes – Feather (Instrumental)
JAYLIB – The RED (Instrumental)

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