A Box of Donuts by Boca 45 (Guest Mix)

A Box of Donuts by Boca 45 (Guest Mix)

After last year’s Forty Five album on Mass Appeal Records, this year Scott Hendy b.k.a. Boca 45 sprinkles five limited edition 45 records throughout the year as part of a series called 2020 Donuts.

“The common thread of Boca 45 as a whole is to not pigeonhole into one genre,” says Scott. “The same goes for the 2020 Donuts series: a backbone of hip-hop, funk, soul, and other bits and pieces. I like to think of it as ‘organic’ music. A classic sound, really. I don’t think it’s old school. It’s just classic-sounding tunes, based around the old school. But I hope they sound contemporary and okay on record in 2020 as well.”

The latest record in the series features Kelvin Swaby (of The Heavy) on the A-side track, and on the flipside Boca’s music mates and football fiends of The Bryan Munich Allstars, who cover “Hot Wheels (The Chase),” the 1973 track by Badder Than Evil. After Hannah Williams and Craig G on the previous two 45 records, one could say that the 2020 Donuts series serves as a mini record label, pushing and promoting Boca 45’s favorite artists in hip-hop, funk & soul. “Good point, I never thought about that take on Donuts 2020. I am indeed the A&R guy, the recording engineer, the producer, the post-department… I am literally everything[laughs] But if I would start a record label, I’ll always be persuaded to the record-making and production side of things. I enjoy being an artist too much.”

This all-new, all-45 guest mix for The Find ties together all the 45’s he’s ever released. Featuring the likes of Craig G, The Good People, Louis Baker, Hannah Williams, Stepchild & more.

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