A fun little find on Dilla Day. Yesterday, Detroit’s DJ Tony Tone uploaded a rare freestyled interlude by Jay Dee, from a 1996 cassette called Jay Dee Shits Vol. 1.

The interlude first appeared on Tony Tone’s Fat Tape X: Right Back At Cha cassette mixtape from the same year. “Seeing that someone else posted my interlude on YouTube without even crediting me, pissed me off”, he says in a brief exchange of personal messages. That’s the reason why only now, 24 years later, the interlude officially sees the light of day, with a—to our knowledge—previously unreleased freestyle verse by Q-Tip as an added bonus.

In the second video (below), DJ Tony Tone talks about the interlude and shares a few memories of hanging out with Jay Dee at the Hip Hop Shop in Detroit. “One of the illest memories was pulling up at this event by myself,” he tells The Find. “And then seeing Jay pull up with Frank N Dank… Playing one of my mixtapes!”

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