Free Download: Bob42jh – Fallen Skies (2011)

Two years! Where did the time go… In those two years we’ve seen so many great up and coming artists come onto the scene but also sadly we have lost a few too… As time goes on genres change, tastes change but one thing that hasn’t changed is our passion for music!

Music: Thomas Prime – Sky High

A big thanks to every person who has visited, listened, favourited or shared a song on my Youtube channel. By doing so you guys help me get more exclusives which helps me spend more time finding new artists! And most of all, you encourage me to keep uploading music!

42 artists and 42 Tracks is a big number for a compilation. That’s why I only do them once a year, haha, but my aim was for it to fit into two CDs which fit the mood you are in when you listen to it. So without any further ado, I present to you: Fallen Skies!

01. Oneday(Prayer For Love And Peace) – Uyama Hiroto
02. New Moon – Kenichiro Hidefumi
03. Count Me Out – AstroLogical
04. Sky High – Thomas Prime
05. Tone of Mind – Avens & BAHЯ
06. September in my ears – Billa Quase
07. Variance – Aether
08. Eternal Quake – QUIET JAM
09. 秋, 彩々 – Ros
10. Cold Flour – Bona Fat
11. Hourglass – Laugh
12. Farewell – Slimheaton
13. Dream… – 익스플로시브 에이(Explosive A)
14. Deep Forest – Otokaze
15. Keep in Touch – Cafe De Lux
16. Chto-To He Tak – Galagan
17. Her Farewell – 少先组 aka Clown
18. Don’t forget love – Avens
19. Algernon Supernova – DJ Whitesmith
20. Forest Bathing – Tsunenori
21. Rainbow Trees – Robert de Boron
22. All Those Moments – Suburban
23. Im Official – Clams Casino
24. Moonlight Cruisin – elhuana
25. nomer – луч
26. Janijani – Amenomuraqumo
27. True Love – Semantic Noise
28. You never know – The Deadbeats
29. Fighting Stance – Josh Furey
30. Distant Rhythms – Breezewax
31. Loneliness – Daskmathic
32. Long Misty Blue – Frenic
33. 幻草~gensow~ – 奇憶
34. Night of White Flies (ft Long Arm) – Fiji
35. Миф – Moonbeam
36. Plan B – The Sound Defects
37. Without You – Cayetano
38. Sorrow – CeeY
39. You Gots To Chill – Michita
40. YukiOnna – Edward Frost
41. Герман и Патрик – Krec
42. the gentle afternoon – Takahiro Kido

Full Download // Part 1 / Part 2

All praise goes to the artists who made the tracks. As always if your song is featured in here without permission, I apologize, I’m just trying to introduce people to new artists and new sounds.

The people who download these compilations are real fans, they support artists, they import music, they go to shows and they spread the word. Hopefully you do the same.