Free Download: Adjaman – Dogonism

Free Download: Adjaman – Dogonism

Prolific Parisian beatmaker Adjaman has just dropped his latest project titled Dogonism. The versatile artist has flipped through a variety of sonic styles on previous releases while also developing a characteristic abstract psychedelic style. Think of Madlib taking a sojourn to France and staying fueled up with French cuisine, fine wine, and sticky buds while busting out a series of blunted beatstrumentals.

While still young, Adjaman has evolved a refined style, almost as if he were chanelling the soul of Alain Gorauger and recomposing and re conceptualizing the soundtrack to La Planète Sauvage through beats. This music is what you might hear in the space between waking life and the dream world, an ethereal passageway to the land of imagination.

Don’t stop with just this release, take a glance back through his other albums and collaborations, such as ADJAK∆ and Low Cartoon Trio. Instead of (or in addition to) ingesting hallucinogens, try subjecting your ears to the entheogenic soundwaves of Adjaman.

1. She Used To 00:53
2. Habits 02:10
3. Unite 01:27
4. Powdered Toast Man 01:56
5. Five 01:26
6. Don’t Whiz on the Electric Fence 02:02
7. Liquidities Pt.2 02:13
8. Credits (w/ Joe Bataan) 00:52
9. Force Ur Difference 01:32
10. Dog Show 01:27
11. AS-204 01:39


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