Free MP3: The Procussions – Moon and Back

The anticipation for The Procussions‘ new album is steadily building up with a release coming in the late summer. The album, funded through an IndieGoGo campaign featured a perk in which for 1,000$, The Procussions would create a song for you based on your ideas and concepts. Instead of just limiting this to the campaign though, Mr. J Medeiros and Stro have put together an ongoing series titled the Pro-Exclusive featuring commissioned pieces of music.

This is something that I have seen more of since the rise of crowd-funding campaigns on both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, as musicians -like artists have for so long- are offering custom pieces of their work tailored to what you want. This is a really cool way for both the artists and fans to connect in a non-traditional way.

“Moon and Back” is the first piece from this series. With a smooth mellow jazzy vibe, Mr. J Medeiros and Stro take directions from L3 and recite his poems. This is a really beautiful piece of music as both take a turn reciting verses from the poems. Stro’s production sounds really great with minimalist drums and a great piano line accompanied by booming bass.