Free Download: Beat Culture – Tokyo Dreamer (2012)

Free Download: Beat Culture – Tokyo Dreamer (2012)

Beat Culture‘s second album, Tokyo Dreamer, hit the internet last night and is promising to cause quite an impact. The youngster mashes together influences from a massive variety of genres and styles to paint a musical collage of the sounds that emanate from his mind.

To describe the soundscapes from this album as lush would be an understatement. The rhythms and melodies wash over you much like the soft sounds of flowing water that appear on several tracks. Although I’m currently sitting at a desk in a cubicle maze of office zombies, if I close my eyes with this album on, I am floating luxuriously on a rhythmically swaying ocean, sprawled out with Adriana Lima in a canoe made of silk.

1. Shoreline 02:37
2. You’re Hard to Resist 05:35
3. Stars 03:46
4. Memory (Cassettes) 04:14
5. Coastal Sentiment 03:41
6. If Only 04:41
7. Midori 03:48
8. Complete Me 06:06
9. Before You Go 03:02
10. Tokyo Dreamer 04:55

Free Download

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