Free Download: Brock Berrigan – Daily Routine (2012)

Free Download: Brock Berrigan – Daily Routine (2012)

The maniacal chicken mask wearing beatmaker Brock Berrigan is back at it with his first beat tape of 2012. The dude never fails to snap a few spines with the sheer force of his banging sampled based instrumentals. This album is no exception. Shout out to his old beat tape April’s Neck Brace, apparently he was predicting the future because thanks to this album I will need a neck brace this April.

If you are still unfamiliar with this crazy ass mask wearing mofo then now is your chance to catch up for lost time by raiding his Bandcamp page. Every release has amazing beats with a style something along the lines of Dibiase’s sample based work. Be prepared to enter a realm of quite extraordinary beats and delve into the vibrant musical world of a half chicken half man hip hop machine.

1. Water of Life 02:14
2. Lily of the Valley 02:06
3. Cruise Control 02:06
4. Weekend in the Wilderness 02:07
5. Daily Routine 02:03
6. Liquor Store 01:21
7. Deep Sea Caverns 01:50
8. Aunt Jean 01:37
9. Sailing 02:21
10. Man Down 01:11
11. Diggin’ 01:19
12. Gabriela 01:18
13. And Now For Something Completely Different 02:25
14. The Legend of the Bear 02:10

Free Download

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