Free Download: Cult Classic Records – Friends & Family 2

Free Download: Cult Classic Records – Friends & Family 2

Almost two years ago, a musical seed was planted in a patch of fertile jazzy soil in the UK. The result was the growth and expansion of the grassroots people’s netlabel Cult Classic Records, orchestrated by Bob42jh and Thomas Prime. Now after over 20 releases from all over the world, their second compilation marks a new achievement for CCR.

From a fledgling netlabel brainchild of two music lovers to a widely recognized purveyor of quality hip hop, CCR has always maintained the importance of two things foremost; artist integrity and respect for fans. Rather than being a label that is separated from the populace, Cult Classic has cultivated a community movement. There is no doubt that this movement will continue to gain momentum and become an even stronger force in the niche of jazz hop.

The netlabel launched with the first Friends & Family, and now with their 25th release CCR presents their second compilation showing the wealth and depth of talent among the ranks. The release is a huge 36 tracks deep with an instrumental side as well as a vocal side. The lineup of artists is simply massive boasting the likes of Emancipator, Blazo, Thomas Prime, Marcus D, P.R., Daimyo, Soulchef, Esbe, Jenova 7, Funky DL, Marchitect, DJ Ezasscul, and still more dopeness.


1. Blazo – End of The World [SIDE A] 03:52
2. Nicholas Cheung – Dat Jazz [SIDE A] 03:40
3. Jenova 7 – Sunrise ft. Hal McMillen [SIDE A] 05:53
4. MasterClass & BlendyCello – Still Screaming [SIDE A] 03:54
5. Ljones – Ghosts In The Machine [SIDE A] 04:08
6. Daimyo – Emotions ft. Abgohard (Thomas Prime’s Instrumental Dub) [SIDE A] 02:49
7. TwoDaystoAlaska – Beginnings [SIDE A] 05:13
8. Thomas Prime – Two Below [SIDE A] 04:39
9. Ed Lau – Slo Globe [SIDE A] 02:56
10. Yinyues – Memories [SIDE A] 04:39
11. Senpai & Thomas Prime – Battle Scar [SIDE A] 03:26
12. Breezewax – Halo [SIDE A] 02:22
13. Eddie – 10303 [SIDE A] 02:01
14. trog’low – Tokyo [SIDE A] 03:07
15. Marcus D – Soliloquy [SIDE A] 03:58
16. Bakoda – Kings & Samurai Baseball [SIDE A] 04:10
17. DJ Ezasscul – Chill [SIDE A] 04:48
18. P.R – Colours ft. Kondor [SIDE A] 03:55
19. Esbe – Reverie [SIDE A] 04:24
20. BioLogic – Hip Hop Head Count (Prod. MAARTN) [SIDE B] 03:18
21. SoulChef – On & On ft. Landon Wordswell [SIDE B] 02:51
22. KenjiiTheWise – How You Livin (Prod. Joseph Jacobs) [SIDE B] 02:45
23. Marchitect & Dr.Drumah – Got That ft. Jas Mace [SIDE B] 02:46
24. Funky DL – Clock Watchers (Thomas Prime Remix) [SIDE B] 03:52
25. Thomas Prime & Tiff The Gift – LIFE ft. Akin Yai, Awon & Dicap [SIDE B] 04:44
26. Benny Freestyles – Different Kind of High (Prod. Thomas Prime) [SIDE B] 03:04
27. Thomas Prime – The Healing ft. Landon Wordswell [SIDE B] 03:31
28. None Like Joshua – The Only Thing I Know (Prod. Tulpa) [SIDE B] 04:39
29. Daimyo – 1050 ft. Abgohard [SIDE B] 02:04
30. Thirtyseven – Rectangular Businessman (Prod. Daimyo) [SIDE B] 01:28
31. Hump Jones – No Days Off (Prod. Daimyo) [SIDE B] 02:26
32. Witness – Fingers On A Violin (Prod. Emancipator) [SIDE B] 02:15
33. Bein – Papers & Stamps (Thomas Prime Remix) [SIDE B] 03:11
34. Awon – Her (Kameleon Beats Remix) [SIDE B] 04:05
35. Shirosky – Chai Latte ft. Awon, Thomas Prime, White Rain & Mini Lee (Tom’s Mix) [SIDE B] 05:01
36. TwoDaystoAlaska – Evergreen (Thomas Prime’s Remix ft. Landon Wordswell, Jas Mace & Awon) [SIDE B] 03:57


Kamir Hiam (USA) has been obsessed with hip hop culture since discovering rap as a child in the mid 90s. As curator of The Find's Stay Thirsty podcast, he is an obsessive crate digger, always looking for more dope music. Other hobbies include travel, reading, fitness, and science.