Free Download: DJ Zilla – 12″ Record Mix (2011)

It’s always nice to get in touch with other music lovers from all over the world. Last week Nikola from Bulgaria, also known as DJ Zilla, reached out to us to share and discuss some good music. He shared this short mix with us and it’d be a shame to keep it only for ourselves, because it’s very nice. So check it out!

This mix is made from lucky 12″ picks, so no preparation. Zilla is also working on some beats with his MPC 500, sampling old jazz records and African, Bulgarian and Hungarian folk music. So stay tuned for that, because we might hear some of those anytime soon..

1. People Under the Stairs – O.S.T. (Remix) (Instrumental) [12″ Om Records] 2. Quasimoto – Discipline 99 (Instrumental) [12″ Stones Throw] 3. People Under the Stairs – O.S.T. (Instrumental) [12″ Om Records] 4. Thes One – Noonen (Instrumental) [12″ Tres Records] 5. Thes One & Rashaan Ahmad – Good Co. (Instrumental) [12″ Tres Records] 6. Thes One – Yacht Club (Instrumental) [12″ Tres Records] 7. Thes One & Rashaan Ahmad – Alright (Instrumental) [12″ Tres Records] 8. People Under the Stairs – Eat Street (Instrumental) [12″ Tres Records] 9. Mr. Scruff with Roots Manuva – Jusjus (Instrumental) [12″ Ninja Tune] 10. People Under the Stairs – On & on (Instrumental) [12″ Tres Records] 11. Quasimoto – Basic Instinct (Instrumental) [12″ Stones Throw]

Free Download