Free Download: Dom McLennon – LIVN (2012)

Free Download: Dom McLennon – LIVN (2012)

Dom McLennon has been floating around a few small blogs here and there through his fledgeling career as an artist, and this week he’s been showing that he’s ready to make a debut worth talking about. 

His new mixtape is titled LIVN and dropped on May 6th. Though over at The Find we haven’t seen nor heard much about it, he’s been very hard at work putting it together.

The selection of beats is super on point with the likes of Apollo Brown, Sango, Taebeast, Dom himself and others provide smooth backdrops for polished flows. Download LIVN for free and dig the sounds!

1. We LIVN (Ian’s Song) (Produced By Taebeast) 02:25
2. Fool’s Gold (Produced By Trumaine) 03:10
3. Falling Star (Produced By Sango) 03:55
4. Common Market Ft. Jigz The F.L.Y.E.R (Produced By Apollo Brown) 03:44
5. Corazon (Produced By Apollo Brown) 03:17
6. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Produced By Dom McLennon) 02:47
7. Prelude to The Cloud (Produced By Dom McLennon) 02:25
8. The Cloud ft. Rosstafari & The Duke (Produced By Dom McLennon) 04:55
9. The Kick (Produced by A-Nice) 03:44
10. HiStory Ft. Nino_AM & CrissB (Produced By Taebeast) 03:15
11. The Beginning F. Jobo (Produced By Sango) 03:53
12. Higher Learning (Bonus) 03:00

Free Download

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