Free Download: Envoy – Enstrumentals Vol. 2 (2012)

Free Download: Envoy – Enstrumentals Vol. 2 (2012)

Winnipeg’s Envoy and our homies at The Soul Dojo teamed up to drop an ultra dope selection of soulful beat flips called Enstrumentals Vol. 2. Bumping this tape is like enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice on a balcony with the sun shining on your face. 

Download this album for free and check out the brand new release from his group The Happy Unfortunate called July Never Dies.

1. Photosynthesis 02:37
2. Same Thing Today 02:25
3. Church Kid 02:21
4. Trap 70’s Show 01:37
5. Fresh Air 01:58
6. Flu 02:12
7. The Real 01:58
8. Zooey 02:03
9. Mr. Fields 02:13
10. The Mo 02:07
11. Lacuna 01:56
12. One World 01:25
13. (Love)lution 02:07
14. MPC 500 #6 (Untitled) 02:07
15. Super Clean (Bonus) 02:05

Free Download

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