Free Download: Jay Prince & Maloon TheBoom – Voyage

Free Download: Jay Prince & Maloon TheBoom – Voyage

A while back we shared the music video for Jay Prince and Maloon TheBoom‘s collaboration for the track “Trashy“. A week ago, the duo dropped the full EP Voyage through the Swiss label Boyoom Connective and supported by the good folks at Apple Juice Break

Some things are fake; like breast implants and unicorns. This EP however, is not fake in the slightest, it’s as real as gravity. UK emcee Jay Prince and Swiss producer Maloon TheBoom joined forces to put together a collection of excellent futuristic, jazzy, and soulful hip hop. Drop this release on and take a “Voyage” via the vessel of Maloon and Jay’s musical interpretation of hip hop and life.

1. Breathe 02:33
2. That’s Life 03:01
3. Trashy 02:46
4. People 02:56
5. Like This 02:14
6. Jay Prince – Sky High 04:28
7. Maloon TheBoom – Happiness 03:00
8. Maloon TheBoom – Positivity Is The Key 02:44


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