Free Download: J’lectroniq – Psychasthenia

Free Download: J’lectroniq – Psychasthenia

The 15 tracks on Psychasthenia by J’lectroniq are conceptual: the Dutch producer aims to tell a story about his own psyche with nothing but beats and samples.

Psychasthenia is about obsession, uncertainty, disorder, daydreaming… His obsession for making music and the uncertainty about his own music are the protagonists in this melting pot of hip hop, ambient, IDM, and subtle mellow dubstep.

J’lectroniq: “[For me] it doesn’t really matter which genre people put on their beats – why don’t they just call it beats? Or like it’s said in the song Parallelism: ‘You also don’t eat chicken everyday, and for me it’s the same in music.’ I can’t see why I should narrow myself to play only one thing.”

Starting off with hip hop sounds, the productions slowly move towards melancholia. It’s a liquid journey into dreamy soundscapes while concrete genres fade into an abstract piece that can only be labeled as ‘music’. Psychasthenia is without a doubt one of our favorite ‘finds’ of this month so far. And the bonus remix of Bon Iver’s “Hinnom, TX” might not fit the concept per se, but it’s a perfect tune to end the abstract trip.

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