Free Download: K-Lash – Solar Bump (2011)

Free Download: K-Lash – Solar Bump (2011)

Grappa Frisbee is an artist run label who has featured some great progressive hip hop releases over the past year by artists like Handbook, Malefique, AiS and many more. They have now reached their 29th release and this one is a banger! The album comes from British beatsmith K-Lash and is a sick glitchy collage of galactic abstract beats.  

The Grappa releases keep getting better and better and they are all free! I can’t wait to see what comes out of this label next because some of the latest drops have really impressed me.

1. WonderMan 01:30
2. Representing For Hip-Hop 01:24
3. Spaceship Funk 01:38
4. Extra-Terrestrial 01:24
5. Power Movements 01:28
6. Technical Spectacle 01:48
7. I Live For This 01:39
8. Light Years 01:48
9. Can You Catch The Flow 01:55
10. Scones 01:29
11. The Anthem 01:35
12. Your Strings Are Bent 02:38
13. Set My Life On Fire 01:41
14. Robin Hood 02:29
15. Visions In My Head 01:24

Free Download

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