Free Download: KnowMads – Prologue EP (2012)

Free Download: KnowMads – Prologue EP (2012)

This EP is a collection of eight songs which did not make the final cut of KnowMads‘ upcoming album “The KnewBook”. That fifth full-length release by the Seattle-based hip hop collective will be coming out in late March.

The beats on “The KnewBook” paint with deep texture; the lyrics are passionate and sharp. Jester’s eclectic palette keeps you nodding to West Coast and Dilla influenced jams as well as some jazz-influenced cuts such as “BreakThrough”, while up-and-coming solo violinist Peter Lee Johnson composes the outro on “RainyNight”. A classic hip hop feel with some Northwest soul.

1. PackedBagz 03:28
2. FareWell (Feat. La) 02:48
3. Liftedd (Feat. Tai-Loon) 02:51
4. FireFly (Feat. Tai-Loon) 04:03
5. TheCure 03:44
6. WaxOn 03:01
7. LastBreath 02:29
8. MusicMyLove 04:10

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