Free Download: Kratos Himself – Perfect Night EP

Free Download: Kratos Himself – Perfect Night EP

We love jazz infused hip hop here at The Find and we know you guys do too, so this release should be right up your alley. Kratos Himself is a very talented Dutch musician who brings a smooth and refined sound with his Perfect Night EP. The songs end up sounding quite epic and theatrical, much like the video game series God of War, where I’m assuming the artist’s name comes from.

There are 8 tracks of pure silky boom bap that will surely float pleasantly through your speakers and spark enjoyment in your mind. Also don’t forget about the Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary Compilation, which Kratos Himself appears on. Project Mooncircle are one the dopest labels in the world!

1. Perfect Night (ft. Sythe & R&W) 03:06
2. So Early in The… 01:11
3. …Spring 06:27
4. The Moon 03:42
5. Perfect Night (ft. Sythe & R&W) Remix by Azem 02:44
6. Perfect Night Remix Instrumental 02:44
7. It’s So Quiet 06:40
8. Punchout Beatbattle Beat [Bonus] 01:11

Free Download

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