Free Download: Melodiesinfonie – In Your Mood EP (2012)

Free Download: Melodiesinfonie – In Your Mood EP (2012)

Beat wizard Melodiesinfonie is back with new EP entitled “In Your Mood” on European net-label Gergaz. Melodiesinfonie is a young producer from Switzerland and is inspired by hip hop, jazz, soul, and electronic music. This EP is fairly short because it’s made within exactly one weekend, but it’s pretty good nevertheless.

It’s his new solo release after several efforts with his partner-in-beats Jazzo. Melodiesinfonie began producing back in 2011 after getting a Roland sampler, which makes him part of the current new wave of many young and dedicated beatmakers.

1. T R A U M 03:24
2. In der alten Schule 02:14
3. The Magic Number 88 02:19
4. Mit Farben 01:48
5. Klar (SKIT) 01:06
7. IN YOUR MOOD 02:26
8. Zeitmaschine 01:53

Free Download

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