Free MP3: L*Roneous – Scooby Doo

Free MP3: L*Roneous – Scooby Doo

Recently San Francisco-based emcee L*Roneous decided to record an unreleased written track that was planned to appear on his underground classic album Imaginarium, called ‘Scooby Doo’. The first verse of the song was originally written on the same napkin containing the lyrics for A Place Called This, hip hop in its rawest and finest form.

This track came about when L*Roneous was asked where the full lyrics to Imaginarium could be found online. He decided to take the task on himself, and due to a hard drive crash in 2003, he had to re-type all the lyrics. He did this straight from memory since through living and reciting those lyrics so many times over the years, the record is indeed a part of him. Check out all the lyrics and some further insights on his blog and also our interview with him from a while back.

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