Free MP3: The Procussions – Fall to Fly

“Fall To Fly” is the second commissioned song from The Procussions‘ Pro-exclusive series. The first track  “Moon and Back” was an incredible piece with a jazzy, mellow vibe. This second track changes tune a bit with a heavier and more introspective sound as this song is dedicated from one friend to another. Mr. J really excels on this track with a really nice flow backed by an almost somber sounding production.

This song was commissioned by Daniel for his friend Kriss the LoveBird- who unfortunately took his own life. It was not an easy song to write, partly because I’ve seen what suicide can do to a family and friend and because I didn’t want to well…screw up the song. I wrote this in support of Daniel and his friend but also for anyone out there who is dealing (or has dealt) with the whirlwind of emotions/thoughts that follow such a tragedy.