Give The Drummer Some Rest (Hip-Hop Without Drums Playlist)

Give The Drummer Some Rest (Hip-Hop Without Drums Playlist)

Retired psych hip-hop producer Shay Librowski a.k.a. Digital_Me out of Tel Aviv, Israel, reached out to us with a newly created playlist: Give The Drummer Some Rest. Three hours worth of hip-hop without (or barely any) drums.

It’s an interesting approach for a music genre dominated by breaks, drum machines, and samples. The playlist now clocks in at 3 hours with 59 tracks of hip-hop without drums. But it’s meant to grow. Shay: “Bassdrums are allowed, weak and occasionally snares are OK, too. But no killer drums on this one; as drumless as possible.”

The playlist now includes tracks by Nas, Aesop Rock, Ghostface Killah, Madvillain, Westside Gunn, Hermit and the Recluse, and many others. With numerous other thinkable drumless hip-hop tracks, it’s already grown since yesterday with new additions such as Jonwayne, Pink Siifu, Choosey & Exile, and DJ Muggs.

Any tracks missing? Consider it a challenge. Send recommendations to Shay on Twitter or share them via our Facebook or Instagram. And don’t listen to James Brown: give the drummer some damn rest…

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For more by Shay Librowski a.k.a. Digital_Me, watch his Boiler Room set featuring heavy breaks and glitchy beats:

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