Listen: Flatpocket (Twit One & Lazy Jones) – Dispo II Dispo LP

Listen: Flatpocket (Twit One & Lazy Jones) – Dispo II Dispo LP

Sorry Showbiz & A.G., this time I prefer my pockets flat not fat. German producers Twit One and Lazy Jones join forces as Flatpocket. Back in 2012, they expressed their Finding Money Fantasies in beat form. Luckily for you, they’re still broke and are now back with Dispo II Dispo: going from overdraft to overdraft.

Sprinkled throughout 16 beats, Twit One and Lazy Jones talk about money through samples and made-up dialogues. They end the album with the beautiful “Something Smells French” and “Dues 2 Pay,” leaving the listener with an urge to spend their money on the record. You’ve been warned: flat pockets incoming…

Prevent another bank overdraft for Twit One and Lazy Jones: get the LP via Melting Pot Music (below), HHV, Vinyl Digital, or download the album below.


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