Listen: InDepth – Resfeber

Listen: InDepth – Resfeber

The definition of ‘Resfeber’ (a word with Swedish origins) is the restless race of a traveller’s heart before the journey begins; a combination of anticipation and anxiety. One emcee one producer duo InDepth has been on a musical journey since the mid-90s. Yet over twenty years later, still psyched and anxious to embark on a new one.

Hailing from the Netherlands, emcee N and DJ/producer Syah craft abstract hip-hop, daring productions, and raps both playful and straight-up. Or in their own words: “Rubbing up unlikely forms against each other, tampering with synths, drum machines and vinyl, while messing with words, thoughts and ideas.

Their early work includes collaborations with Living Legends, The Escape Artists and Rhythmatic. With more recent releases together with the likes of Name Science, Sach (of The Nonce) and Inoe Oner, who is the only guest on Resfeber, InDepth’s seventh album.

After two decades, they still explore different directions: putting the hop before the hip if they want to. Ripping up the Lonely Planet Guide to Hip-Hop and creating their very own journey.

Safe hip-hop travels, it’s going to be quite the ride:

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