Listen to “Hidden Truth”, the new LP by Soul Square & RacecaR

Listen to “Hidden Truth”, the new LP by Soul Square & RacecaR

If Soul Square had a euro for every time I played their song “Take It Back“, they’d be on a yacht right now. Well, maybe a rental. Their first song—back then under the moniker of Drum Brothers—was in daily rotation for months back in 2008. It was their debut 12” release, reflecting their own style: taking it back to the 90s, while being in love with jazz and soul. Crafted by five French DJs/beatmakers: Permone, DJ Atom, Arshitect, Guan Jay & Jay Crate.

Coming from an extended family with turntablist crew C2C and French jazz hop outfit Hocus Pocus, Soul Square adopts an highly overused term, but it almost can’t be more fitting than for describing them: fresh. Case in point: their full-length album Live & Uncut.

Their newest album is called Hidden Truth featuring Chicago-based emcee RacecaR (see what he did there with that palindrome?) on all 11 tracks. As per usual, connecting boom bap nostalgia with a touch of jazz, soul and turntablism. Oh, this isn’t a review by the way. Why bother if you can be the judge yourself.

Listen to Hidden Truth in full below, followed by alternative streaming links and a link to get the vinyl record.

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