Earlier this year, French producer Medline impressed me with Solstice. On the album, he reinterpreted old jazz-funk, soundtracks and library music by artists such as René Costy, Alain Goraguer, Cortex & Arawak. By playing all instruments himself, Medline crafted one of 2018’s instrumental highlights.

His upcoming project A Quest Called Tribe together with visual artist Stéphane Carricondo follows the same line. The release consists of nine instrumental interpretations of ATCQ classics. Medline 1nce again plays all jazz, funk, and soul as a one-man-band to dissect and explore the roots of Tribe’s music.

The first single is a rework of “The Hop” off Beats, Rhymes And Life from 1996. The original track sampled music by jazz double bassist Henry Franklin and “Bumpin’ Bus Stop” by 70s funk band Thunder & Lightning, also famously sampled for Madvillain’s “ALL CAPS!”, INI’s “Step Up” and Gang Starr’s “Step In The Arena.”

A Quest Called Tribe will be released digitally and on vinyl (with an A2 poster) in February 2019. For now, get hip to Le Hop below:

A Quest Called Tribe Tracklist

1. Relaxation Electrique
2. Le Scénario
3. Jazz (On A Du)
4. Tournée D’Honneur
5. Trouver Une Voie
6. Continue A Rouler
7. Tiens Le En Mouvement
8. Le Hop
9. Bonus Track: Remue Le (Steeve Biko)

Vinyl Release: February 2019

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