MF DOOM Mix by Session Victim

MF DOOM Mix by Session Victim

German production duo Session Victim has delivered an all-MF DOOM mix, commissioned by The Vinyl Factory. Barely passing the 30-minute mark, the short yet powerful mix contains a wide array of material by the masked villain. Ranging from tracks off early albums like Operation: Doomsday, to collaborations with Danger Mouse, Jake One and DJ Babu, as well as tracks by his aliases Viktor Vaughn and King Geehdorah, and a few remixes.

Also, this could be a good moment to take off your hip hop mask and check out Session Victim, in case you don’t know their music yet. They create unconventionally mellow and sample-heavy house music, influenced by soul, funk, disco & hip hop.

Their album See You When You Get There is definitely worth checking out, and apparently last month they released a new album cringeworthy-titled Listen To Your Heart. Instant music homework for ourselves, too.

Do(om) we need to say more?


1. MF Doom – I hear voices part 2 (intro)
2. MF Doom – All Outta Ale
3. MF Doom – Hey!
4. Molemen /w MF Doom – Put Your Quarter Up
5. Jake One /w MF Doom – Trap Door
6. Viktor Vaughn – Dead Mouse
7. MF Doom – Vomitspit (Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
8. Doom – Gazillionaire
9. Czarface /w MF Doom – Ka-Bang!
10. DJ Babu /w MF Doom – The Unexpected
11. Danger Doom – No Names
12. MF Doom – Doomsday (Remix)
13. King Geehdorah /w Mr Fantastik – Anti- Matter
14. MF Doom – My Favourite Ladies (The Hatch Mix)

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