Guest Mix: chris△re – The Find Mag Mix

Guest Mix: chris△re – The Find Mag Mix

Philly based beat maker, chris△re, has put together The Find Mag’s latest guest mix with a killer selection of new beats from some of America’s freshest producers. Through his hazy beats and rich depth of sound, chris△re’s music has become a regular fix on my stereo. He makes instrumental tracks that are spaced out and atmospheric, but without losing an ounce of soul.

One his latest beats, the aptly named ‘Dreamt‘, is a flip of  Roy Ayers ‘Day Dreaming’. This is chris△re’s beautiful beat submission for the Roy Ayers Project (get voting). With more projects on the way, we have lots to look forward to from this producer, including the un-named solo projects featured in the mix, the chris△re x Sir Froderick album and a debut record from The Mountain Collection (chris△re x FLOTE). Not only a producer, but also an artist, chris△re has put together the artwork for this mix from shots he’s taken on his Holga.

Check out what chris△re had to say about this mix as well as a few short 3 item lists to get to know his taste and influences!

“I am a beat maker / multi-instrumentalist / audio cadet… I am a New Yorker at heart residing in Philadelphia PA. I have been playing music since I was a child, it all started behind a drum kit. I started making “beats” around 2000-2001 when I bought a used MPC2000XL, I still use that same piece today. The majority of music that I have released to the public is sample based, there is a bunch of unreleased / unfinished non-sample based tracks that I am hoping will see the light this year. One of those joints is on the mix I did for you guys, titled “Useless”. I am really very psyched for people to hear that side of my spectrum. I have my phases though, recently I am back to recording myself on the drum kit, electric bass and any other instruments I have laying around, cutting that stuff up in Pro Tools and finding what works best with certain sounds.”

chris△re Top 3 (It’s The Magic Number)

Most Listened To Albums
This list can vary from month to month, especially with all the great new music that has come out recently. But lets just say that these 3 albums have had a tremendous impact on me musically and personally.

1- De La Soul – “Stakes Is High”
2- Frank Zappa – “One Size Fits All”
3- DOWN – “NOLA”

In no particular order

1- DJ Premier
2- RZA
3- Dilla Dawg

Songs You Wish You Made
And by saying “I wish I made these songs”, it’s more a feeling of how I wish that I could have been in the studio while these classics were being recorded.

1 – Redman / Erick Sermon – “Whateva Man”

2- Heltah Skeltah / Da Beatminerz (Baby Paul) – “Letha Brainz Blo”

3 – Boards of Canada – “Roygbiv”

Artists that Should Be On Our Radar

1. Altered Ego Collective fam (FLOTE, Binary Bits, Nommo)

2. All of my Phila fam (Stainless Steele, Swarvy, Mogillah, Sir Froderick, Poptartpete, LankyLadCrew, Grimace Federation)

3. All the cats around the world that inspire me daily (Aly, Lytesho!, Somepling, Ohbliv)…. Too many to list, you all know who you are…Cheers ! ! !

So now you’ve gotten to know chris△re a bit more, tune in to the guest mix and for more info check him out on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

1. SWRVY – Ballinboots
2. ALY – Keyzie
3. chris△re – Five
4. Sir Froderick – It Wasn’t You
5. Knxwledge – Akuvue
6. FLOTE – Feels Like
7. Lytesho! – Blunt Co. Express
8. chris△re – Dreamt
9. Somepling – DreamCape
10. Ohbliv – Sour(ce)
11. chris△re – Useless