Mix: Frontcannon – Futurebeats Anniversary Mega Mix (2012)

Reddit is an amazing online community that functions on user submitted content which is then upvoted or downvoted by the millions of users. The website has become the proverbial “front page of the internet” and has been instrumental in the spread of countless viral videos, memes, activist campaigns and so much more.

Reddit is divided into many specialized “Subreddits” focused on specific types of content, anywhere from science to humour to politics and of course music. Within the myriad of genre specific music Subreddits lies the growing community of /r/Futurebeats which for 2 years has been a haven for experimental beat music in all forms.

I am very proud to count myself among the moderators of /r/Futurebeats and to be a part of a flourishing community of wonky glitched electronic and hip hop beat music. As a celebration for two years full of amazing experimental beats, fellow moderator Frontcannon pieced together an essential mix that represents community and mod favourites. The selection does an excellent job of representing the beat movement and showcases the work of many of the artists at the forefront of the genre.

Check this out for a full hour and 40 minutes of just nasty beat music featuring the likes of Com Truise, Flying Lotus, Baths, Shlohmo, Juj, Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Nosaj Thing, Shigeto, Mux Mool, Gold Panda, Robot Koch, Long Arm, Bonobo, Tokimonsta and even more! Seriously now, just press play and prepare for a full on face melt.