Like the Tarantino of beats, DJ Format seeks out lost musical odds and ends, splicing and pasting favorite moments together to create future hip hop with a classic feel.

His debut album ‘Music For The Mature B-Boy’ is one of the slow-burn success stories of 2002. An album of soulful, funk fuelled hip hop packed with infectious beats and lyrical dexterity featuring Jurassic 5 (We Know Something You Don’t Know), Abdominal, Sureshot La Rock and others.

With a new album on its way, DJ Format now hooks up with The Find Magazine for Find The Format, a brand new mix full of old school bangers, digging treasures and fresh slept-on hip hop.

DJ Format: “I like to play a lot of records that mean something special to me or I feel have been overlooked. In example, I don’t think many people would choose to hear a song by Mellow Man Ace. But with a mix like ‘Find The Format’ hopefully people will enjoy it and be pleasantly surprised by some songs!”


1. Diggin’ Skit -45 Prince feat. DJ Format
2. Sagittarius Rapp -Edan
3. Gather Round -Diamond D
4. Dope Pusher -DJ Format feat. Sureshot La Rock
5. Flavor Unit Assassination Squad -Flavor Unit
6. Talkapella -Mellow Man Ace
7. Think You Can Hang? -Low Profile
8. Just Clowning -King Tee & Breeze
9. Hang Loose -Don Thompson
10. Weekend -Coldcrush Brothers
11. Zulu Nation Throwdown -Afrika Bambaataa & Cosmic Force
12. Kings Are People Too -Two Kings In A Cipher
13. Y Viva La Felicdad -Orquesta Egram
14. Tequila -Perez Prado
15. Do The Funky Chicken -Rabbits & Carrots
16. Thundersounds -Connie Price & the Keystones feat. Percee P
17. Blow -Thaione Davis & J. Sayne
18. Heavy Artillery -Mr Lif
19. U Having fun yet? -Sputnik Brown
20. The Illness -Soundsci
21. Pride(remix) -Phill Most Chill
22. Poquito Soul -Senor Soul

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