Pick Of The Week #11: Daedelus (New Track)

It’s no secret that we love the music Brainfeeder and Alpha Pup Records release. One of the upcoming releases we’re looking forward to, is ‘Righteous Fists Of Harmony’ by Daedelus. While anticipating this upcoming mini-album, we got the opportunity to hear all 8 tracks and for your pleasure, we highlight one of the songs in this edition of our Pick Of The Week!


Daedelus (born as Alfred Weisberg-Roberts) is an experimental producer from L.A. Now active on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, he released music on Plug Research, Ninja Tune and Mush Records. It’s safe to say his music is quite unique. From romantic vibes, to ambient kind of music and from avant garde styles to slick electronic beats: Daedelus does it all. Also recommended is the duo The Long Lost, which he forms with his wife Laura B. Darlington.


We decided to select the song ‘Order Of The Golden Dawn’ of Daedelus upcoming mini-album. All songs on the album are truly beautiful, but we decided to stick to this song because it’s the most accessible for you. Featured on vocals is Daedelus’ wife Laura B. Darlington, who we mentioned before. Listen to a short snippet below, or tune in to Laid Back Radio to hear the full track.

Coincidentally, the track also appeared on Fact Magazine as a free download for a few days.

Full track

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Something we want to highlight this time, is the instrument I got introduced to via Daedelus. Check out the following clip to get a view of it:

(Note: Live version of ‘Fair Weather Friends‘)

Normally when you watch a live DVD, two turntables or other regular set ups aren’t surprising or new. But when I was watching  Daedelus’ Live at Low End Theory DVD, I got introduced to the Monome:

“The wonderful thing about this device is that is doesn’t do anything really,” say the developers about the Monome. Good to read, because after watching the full live DVD from front to back, I still had a hard time figuring out what the monome exactly does. I can write a full article explaining what it does and how to use it, but I advice you to watch this demo video, which is really insightful.

Before the Monome, there was the Bitbox, which was very similar. Several comments – and it’s also kind of clear after watching the demo video- state that it’s extremely difficult to use the Monome or Bitbox. So major props to Daedelus for handling gear like this, because he does it really well.

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