Pick Of The Week #35: Hawa & Patchworks

Pick Of The Week #35: Hawa & Patchworks

Born from a French mother and a Burkina bé/Senegalese father, Jennifer Zonou (better known as Hawa) has been rocking music from an early age. As a DJ addicted to all kind of grooves, her father passed her on his genuine love and great vinyl collection of Hip hop, soul, funk, jazz, afrobeat and reggae music.

Born from a French mother and a Burkina bé/Senegalese father, Jennifer Zonou (better known as Hawa) has been rocking music from an early age.

As a DJ addicted to all kind of grooves, her father passed her Windows 10 Professional product Key Oem sale on his genuine love and great vinyl collection of Hip hop, soul, funk, jazz, afrobeat and reggae music.

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On her most recent release, My Little Green Box, she collaborated with producer Patchworks and the results are stunning. That’s why we did this Pick Of The Week and interview with both of them.

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The first single of the album has a strong reggae 312-50 feel while most of the other tracks are rooted in the soul/funk tradition. Don’t you fear people hearing the single get a wrong impression of the music you’re making?

H: I really have no fearmicrosoft10.com about that. It reflects my various influences and in fact, to me these kinds of styles are closely bound!
P: We both feel like rocksteady and vintage reggae music is part of this funk/soul field. We wrote this tune with the same feeling than the restMoncler homme of the record, so, no fear at all!

What is the meaning behind the album title ‘My Little Green Box’?

H: I found that the title of the song ‘My Little Green Box’ stuck pretty well with this album’s songs . It contains the positive nostalgia that drives us to keep on loving, fighting for life, to keep on believing. And it was my first inspiration.

What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

H: I can’t answer that question for the moment, every song touches me in its way. Some for the rythm, melodies or for what I put in it.

P: For me, ‘Catch a Fire’. But I like each and every song by Jennifer! If I answer this question in the morning, it may be different from what I would feel at night.

Did you had anything to say in the choice of music or was it Patchworks that picked out the tracks?

H: The work with Patchworks was done in full collaboration, as a team, each at his job, ready to create. The choice of music was made MA0-101 according to my inspiration.

P: We took various directions together and quite quickly we got to understand each other. Sometimes the music has to adapt to the vocal melodies, sometimes the opposite happens. We tried to stick to one big rule: Trying to be as spontaneous as possible, so we didn’t take too much MA0-101 time for thinking.

You were a member of the nu-soul duo Ebony Source. I can only find one track that’s featured on the Les Soulfood sessions Vol.1 compilation. Are there any more recordings?

H: There are many other recordings, but never released and never will be.

So what happened to Ebony Source?

H: A volontary separation more than natural, new aspirations for each of us..

Do you have any new collaboration plans?

H: I recently worked with Mr. Day on his next album coming in early 2012, and it was and remains a real honor to have been part of the adventure.

Your dad was a dj and passed his vinyl collection to you. What is your most treasured vinyl in your collection?

H: ‘Aretha live at fillmore west (1971)’ and ‘The Otis Redding story Vol. 1 (1972)”. These albums from my father have shared many moments of my youth and the voices, of both incomparables artists, hit me in the heart at first listen.
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What’s the worst vinyl in that collection?

I don’t wanna tell it, it would attract jeers

I can imagine it isn’t easy to write lyrics in English. Can you tell us a bit more about 070-243 the writing process?

H: It was a real challenge, because I wanted to write by myself as usual but also liberating. I had never written one song in English before and despite the difficulties of this exercise, I took pleasure. At first I needed help in the correction, and less but it’s still an exercise.

Are you going to play live ? Who will be in the band?

H: Yes, it ‘s our hope because it’s always a real good 070-464 feeling to share on stage. This is how we can feel the essence of our music, on stage. And I hope that the greats musicians with whom I have been working for few years now and who collaborated on the album will be part of the band.

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