Stream: Disco2 – Living Soul #3

Stream: Disco2 – Living Soul #3

Polish producer Avens reached out to us to recommend this third album by Japanese producer Disco2 titled Living Soul #3. Today marks the release of the album on IntroDuCing Productions, a Japanese record label with a worldwide vision.

Stream three tracks below to get a taste of Living Soul #3, which is full of characteristic Japanese productions with a strong sense of grooves and catchy melodies. Our favorite song off the album is “Light In Darkness“, built around a sample from “Daylight” by American soul/jazz band RAMP. Bonita, Bonita, Bonita…


01. Groovin’ The Night Away
02. Saudade
03. Hang’em High
04. What A Wonderful Thing Love Is
05. Deja Vu (Skit)
06. Butterfly
07. Light In Darkness
08. Night Cruise
09. Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams
10. Chops, Loops And Truncates (Skit)
11. Time After Time
12. Corner Of The Sky


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