Stream: Seven Star – Wolves In The Bronx

Your friendly neighborhood emcee Seven Star recently released his new album Wolves In The Bronx, inspired by dream interpretations. His thoughtful lyrics are complemented by underscores of DJ Sharpsound, Manuva, Lawsmo, Mr. Cooper and George Young The Infinite, whilst on the headnodding “La Nada” the Miami-based emcee shares the mic with Omniscient.

“I started working on an album while I was on tour promoting my second album “Alternate Invention”. I named it “Wolves In The Bronx” inspired by a nightmare I had years ago where I was being chased by thousands of wolves down The Grand Concourse in The Bronx. I later looked up what that type of dream signified and it said that if the wolves fur was black or dark grey it meant problems, fears etc. I was running away from these wolves and analyzed it as I was running from my fears and problems. I wanted to confront them and did so in this album.” -Seven Star

You can help Seven Star realize the video for the song “Death” via Kickstarter.