Toni Sauna – The Topping (Video Premiere)

Toni Sauna – The Topping (Video Premiere)

“Toni Sauna is anti-testosterone. Hard bars delivered to you moist” is my favorite line from a press release in a long time. When label reps turn into raps. It’s not that Anthony Mills a.k.a. Toni Sauna needs that: as one-half of Wildcookie, we’ve been hooked on his music since 2011’s Cookie Dough.

Lock up Ben Stiller in a museum, and weird adventures happen with miniature figures. Lock up Toni Sauna in a museum, and major creative things happen. The video for “The Topping” shows Toni’s mental metamorphosis during the lockdown. “I wants to go out but quarantine is all I’m doing…” the silent break right after that line is where it happens: the deafening silence, the boredom, the time to create, and the moment to make some noise.

And with “The Topping,” hopefully that marks a flow of much more to come through his current label, Def Pressé. The video for “The Topping” was directed by Nils Emil:

“The Topping is more than just a melange of Mardi Gras rhythms, spiked with 100 Proof basslines. It’s a vehicle for unmasking Toni Sauna’s abstract yet accessible bars.” – Def Pressé

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