Top 30: Driving Songs

Top 30: Driving Songs
25. Baths – Aminals

Music made by multi-instrumentalist Baths is among the most unique in the futuristic beat movement. Perhaps his best and most popular song is the infectiously catchy “Aminals”. The driving beat and recognizability among beat heads make it a welcome addition to any highway road trip playlist.

24. Release Music Orchestra – Atlantis

Sometimes you just have to roll around to some super dirty original samples of hip hop hits. Deltron 3030 famously murked this sample for “Virus“.  The heavy piano chords that drop in at around 1:38 are just so grimy and perfect for blasting while driving.

23. The International Studio Orchestra – Big Road

Back to the crates of library music we delve into the even deeper catalogue of library music originators De Wolfe. In 1981, The International Studio Orchestra dropped Knock Onward, which contained the sublime smooth jazz funk instrumental ode to driving, “Big Road”.

22. James Bond Theme

Seriously, what could be better than driving around to the iconic surf rock secret agent theme to James Bond? Wear a tuxedo and roll around in a classic 70s sports car with a beautiful girl, and I’m pretty sure you can be the coolest person on the planet.

21. The Last Emperor – Let’s Ride

One of underground hip hop’s most respected emcees, The Last Emperor, is always a tight addition to any kind of playlist. This track with a tasty Brazilian sampled beat is a perfectly uplifting tune for driving from his 2006 release Hidden Treasure.

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