Top 30: Driving Songs

Top 30: Driving Songs
15. Gramatik – Road Trip

Huge banging drums, crazy funky samples, and the title “Road Trip”. This is a massive jam from New York producer Gramatik that will stoke the fires of your ears and engines simultaneously.

14. Ebo Taylor – Come Along

Let’s get some African funk up in here. Enter Ghanaian legend Ebo Taylor and his afro-beat band The Pelicans with “Come Along”. Nothing screams good weather like African funk, so blast this on your sunshine filled spring and summer commutes.

13. J Dilla – Nothing Like This

Like Nujabes, American beat messiah J Dilla has tons of tracks that can rock the rims off your vehicle, but there is simply nothing like the pounding percussion and psychedelic samples on this track. Drop some Jay Dee into every road trip playlist, this is always a safe bet.

12. Shlohmo – Hot Boxing the Cockpit

It isn’t really responsible to drive with any kind of intoxicant impairing your motor and mental reflexes. However, many humans do tend to enjoy puffing greenery and rolling around, especially in the warmer months. If you want to be a touch safer, hotbox your mind with this stupidly grimy Shlohmo beat from early in his career.

11. One Self – Bluebird

This One Self track is so summery you could bump it in the winter and still feel warm. So try putting it on your car stereo system in the spring or summer and driving around and let that feeling be amplified by your surroundings. The result is pure bliss!

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