Top 30: Driving Songs

Top 30: Driving Songs
6. Q-Tip – Let’s Ride

Everything about this is just made to be bumped inside a car. Q-Tip went in hard with all aspects of this track, and of course it doesn’t hurt that Jay Dee was involved. Go ahead and go for a ride with this.

5. Atmosphere – Travel (Remix)

Back from the early days of Atmosphere, when the recordings were so raw, comes the remix for “Travel”. Slug rides the beat like the future hip hop legend that he is. Going on a long road trip? Make sure this is on your playlist as your “travel like the wind across the rotten fruited plain.”

4. The Pharoahs – Freedom Road

One of the best things about driving on an open road is feeling the power of freedom of being behind the wheel and controlling your destination. This jazz funk stomper from The Pharoahs embodies that feeling and amplifies it tenfold when you experience this song while driving on an open highway.

3. Madlib – Fallin’ (instrumental)

Madlib is one of the best hip hop producers ever, and this is one of the best beats ever made. Let the hard knocking drums and spine-tingling eerie sample chops wash over you as you shift speeds through the mountains and you will truly understand how music can enhance experience.

2. Souls of Mischief – Cab Fare

Classic hip hop right here with Souls of Mischief and a Bob James sample. For any hip hop head, this is a given on this list, and here we are near the top. Everything about this track is perfect for cruising from rhyme to beat.

Kamir Hiam (USA) has been obsessed with hip hop culture since discovering rap as a child in the mid 90s. As curator of The Find's Stay Thirsty podcast, he is an obsessive crate digger, always looking for more dope music. Other hobbies include travel, reading, fitness, and science.