Video: King Of The Beats – Looking For The Perfect Beat (Trailer)

A search for the perfect beat isn’t a unique concept per se (think of hip hop originator Bambaataa, or Gilles Peterson’s contemporary radio show), but after decades it’s still an inspiring journey into sound. The forthcoming documentary of Pritt Kalsi’sKing Of The Beats” project, founded in 1997, follows various pioneers of sample cuture on a KOTB challenge.

The follow-up to the original 1999 film gives an insight into the lives and minds of some of the most significant producers and beat diggers who contributed to the golden era and beyond, including appearances by K-Cut (of Main Source), Johnny “Juice” Rosado, Diamond D, Marley Marl, Lord Finesse, DJ Moe Love (of Ultramagnetic MCs), Showbiz and Scoob Lover.

The King Of The Beats challenge: each artist has a budget of £20 to go find records. They have to find the drums, samples and music. They then have to return to their studio and build a beat. Doesn’t sound too complicated? You only have one day to complete the whole task. See how they take on the task, choice of records, how they work in the studio, learn some of their production techniques. Most importantly they all share one common bond: their love for good quality hip hop music.

King Of The Beats – Looking For The Perfect Beat is a film by Pritt Kalsi, Jazzy Jay and JFK Aman, shot over a 3-week period. Background info can be found here.