Video: King Of The Beats (Part 1 & 2)

In his first high definition release, director Pritt Kalsi brings you King of the Beats. A story of little people with big ideas, a passion for the culture and a love of records.

King Of The Beats is a beat battle in which several vinyl addicts and beat makers take on the challenge to prove who is the ‘King Of The Beats’. The challenge: Each artist has a budget of £20 to go find records. They have to find the drums, samples and music. They then have to return to their studio and build a beat. Doesn’t sound too complicated? They only have one day to complete the whole task.

The film chronicles the origins of KOTB; how it was created and developed, what it stands for and what it is now.

Many artists make an appearance in King Of The Beats. Among them are Sparkii Ski, DJ Devastate, Tha 4orce, DeeJay Random, Malcolm Butler, Keith McKenzie, Tommy Koi, Liam (Diskery), Juliano Creator, Pritt Kalsi, Mike Bandoni, Prone, Jay King,The Artful Dodger, DJ Sparra & Casual-T.

Watch the movie in its entirety below.

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