Video: Mr. J Medeiros – Pale Blue Dot

Video: Mr. J Medeiros – Pale Blue Dot

After the release of the official free digital single, the remix by 20syl (of Hocus Pocus) featuring Shad, and the limited edition blue 7″ record (including both tracks), today Mr. J Medeiros drops an official music video to complement the release of ‘Pale Blue Dot’!

Spacecraft Voyager 1 took the first ever “family portrait” of our solar system back in 1990, including the infamous ‘Pale Blue Dot‘ image. It captured the infinity of space with the earth visible as a tiny dot in a galactic ocean of pitch-black darkness. Twenty two years later rapper Mr. J Medeiros drops the single ‘Pale Blue Dot’, inspired by the tiny blue globe we all live on together.

‘Pale Blue Dot’ features Stro taking a different approach to hip hop crafting a mellow electronic tinged instrumental meshed with Mr. J’s poignant rhymes reflecting on the state of our society and complemented with a haunting chorus from Giannina Ashe.

To celebrate the release of this official video, you can use the 10% discount code pbdvideo to order the blue 7″, only valid till next saturday. Only 200 copies are pressed, so don’t miss out if you want this in your music collection!

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