Free Download: Jonwayne – This Is False (Rap Mixtape)

Free Download: Jonwayne – This Is False (Rap Mixtape)

New Stones Throw artist Jonwayne just dropped a free mixtape of raps! I am down with this guy’s attitude, the series of Facebook posts leading to this release are pretty hilarious. He started out saying he’d drop the tape on Friday, then pondered if he’d really have to wait that long and he wanted to drop it Thursday, then ended up saying fuck it and dropped it 20 minutes later.

This is some music made straight up for the love of making music. The liner notes indicate that half the songs were recorded with Zeroh, on his couch, using his equipment, and the other half by Jonwayne in his bedroom using his own equipment. The beats come from a who’s who of the top artists in the beat scene like Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Mndsgn, Dibiase, Knxwledge, Young Montana?, Mono/Poly, Kutmah and even some Dilla. That list right there is pretty damn epic.

So combine those beats with some dudes who love hip hop just rhyming for fun of it, and you can picture what this little free release is like. The artwork is some half assed MS paint job that encapsulates the attitude and style of this release. This is not about any commercial bullsh!t, it’s about enjoying life, hip hop, and disregarding convention.

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