Watch: MF DOOM & Bishop Nehru are Nehruvian Doom

Watch: MF DOOM & Bishop Nehru are Nehruvian Doom

Two generations of hip hop prodigies come together for Nehruvian Doom. Mythical emcee/producer/supervillain MF DOOM has amazingly been working for a while on a highly anticipated project with young upstart rapper Bishop Nehru.

The project has been discussed lightly around the web for a while, and now this short clip of the two artists discussing their collaboration further builds hype towards the release a very exciting partnership. Bishop Nehru mentioned the project is about 7 songs deep, and with the quality of both artists, there are certainly high expectations for this album.

Check out the short teaser below and then for good measure, peep some of my personal favourite tracks by both individual artists and imagine what it might sound like with the two coming together.


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