Watch: Ted Talk on ‘Music Archeology: Reviving the World’s Forgotten Records’

You might not realize it while rifling through record bins, but when you get your fingers dusty, you’re in a way playing a vital role in the preservation of musical and cultural heritage. Digging for obscure music, giving overlooked artists another chance, and always trying to find that hidden gem, kind of makes record collectors and crate diggers into “music archeologists.” 

Alexis Charpentier, founder of fellow music site Music Is my Sanctuary, shared his perspective on this with a 15-minute lecture as part of TEDxMontreal.

Watch the full talk below, and don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile as “Music Archeologist & Cultural Historian.”

In our digital age, record diggers are crucial alternative voices to a contemporary culture often served by computer algorithms. – Music Is My Sanctuary