Mix: Buddy Peace – WOKE Version 2

Mix: Buddy Peace – WOKE Version 2

After posting Malik Abdul-Rahmaan’s wonderful beat tape Field Research Vol. 1—which had been created after an intensive crate digging trip in Malaysia—beatmaker Buddy Peace got in touch with us. He himself had released Golden Bangkok Guest: equal parts beat tape and full-on production, weaving together recordings and samples collected over 2 years of going back-and-forth between Bangkok and Laos.

To us, the album was like a wild Thai rickshaw ride – it didn’t get repetitive at all, which can usually be a pitfall for instrumental releases “inspired by a country.” Instead, Golden Bangkok Guest is all one track changing throughout, keeping things exciting for the ear.

We highly recommend you to check it out, but first things first: WOKE Version 2 is a tour mix Buddy Peace originally did for fellow Strange Famous Records artist B Dolan, which he later laid down as a proper session.

Even later he “Thai’ed it up” and made it more Bangkok-centric, which is the 39-minute hip hop mix you can now listen to here:

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